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Get your Copyright protected in Zimbabwe and the world at large.

Our primary role as Collective Management Organisation is to administer the rights of our members and all music creators worldwide by granting Copyright Music Licenses to businesses/entities that would like to commercially use musical works by way of broadcasting or making available to the general public. Such business/entities are Tv and Radio Stations, Live Music Venues, Retailers, Restaurants, Promoters, Shopping Malls and Deejays, etcetera. 

After collection we distribute the funds collected to the music creators using usage files that we receive from each of these businesses/entities.


We are committed to protecting the art of music for the benefit of its creators and those that depend on them.

What is Copyright?

What is a Music Copyright License?

How do I become a Member of ZIMURA and get my Music Protected?

Copyright is the exclusive legal right to produce, reproduce, copy, publish, sell or distribute the matter and form of something such as but not limited to literary, musical or artistic works, movies, sound recordings, films, and plays.

It is a legal document that allows one the right to use or cause the use or performance of a musical work to the public or in an area where the public has access to. NB: It is illegal for a business to use copyright music without prior obtaining a Music Copyright License and this is known as Copyright Infringement.

In music, copyright begins automatically once a piece of music / work is created, and documented or recorded. To become a member of ZIMURA you just need to submit your application via email to membership@zimura.co.zw

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Congratulations to our Executive Director, Mrs Polisile Ncube - Chimhini who received an award for Corporate Directors’ Excellence Honours 2021 in recognition of her leadership under the Non Profit Making Organisation Corporate Director Of The Year.


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In the year 2022, ZIMURA – Zimbabwe Music Rights Association turns 40 since it was established in 1982. Join us as we celebrate this milestone by sharing the experiences you have had with us over the past years.

We also invite you to share recommendations on how we can serve you and the music industry at large!