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Through Distribution..

What is a distribution? 
This is the convergence of documentation data with lists of works used, performed and broadcasted i.e. Performance Report Sheets (PRS). The calculation of the amount payable to each work which is not fixed is based on the program returns received from users and the distributable revenue. 

What do we need for a successful distribution?

1). Notified Works
It is vital for all composers to register and declare their works. All new works must be submitted to ZIMURA via a registration form (notification of works form obtained at the office) which is always accompanied by a CD and the lyrics in order for them to receive credit for public performance.
It is essential that members register all of their works as soon as they are released in order for ZIMURA to do a distribution timeously and accurately and also to provide information about all your works to foreign performing rights organizations, and so that ZIMURA may quickly and easily identify foreign royalties received on your behalf. Late registrations may cause royalties to be delayed and/or lost

2). A Distributable Amount 
This refers to the total revenue collected from users less administration costs and the remainder is referred to as the distributable amount.
3). Performance Returns/Log Sheets
It is indispensable for all music users to submit play lists to ZIMURA as distribution is also based on these returns. It would be impossible to distribute without returns as there would be no indication on who has been played and how many times. Compiling log sheets is both tedious and tiresome but must be done and be submitted. 

There Are 2 Categories of Distributions And These Are:

  • Broadcasting Distribution (Radio & Television):
The outcome is as a result of play lists from broadcasters commonly termed as log sheets. A work is allocated royalties according to the number of times it has been played on air. The more a work has been played and logged the more are royalties to that work. If a work does not receive airplay, no royalties are allocated to such work.

  • General Distribution:
This may be referred to the payment for uses in unmonitored sources. ZIMURA collects license fees from many categories of music users including hotels, night clubs, restaurants, shops etc. Creating individual categories for these ‘general licensing’ uses can be impractical and we don’t get sufficient data to make a proper distribution. So, in this case we base with the results from Broadcasting Distribution which are precise where a ratio of 5:1 is applied. Thus, music reported to have been played five times by broadcasters is considered to have been used once in these unmonitored areas.

What Is The Frequency of Royalty Payments?

Currently, ZIMURA royalty payments are done once per year, effective 1 June of every year. Information about how members collect their royalties is sent to members via text messages on the numbers provided. ZIMURA also makes use of the print media and social networks as a way of disseminating information.

What Are Detailed Accounts?

As a ZIMURA member one is entitled to a statement of account which details the royalties that one would have earned over a period of time or in a distribution cycle. These are all available from the Membership Department before collecting royalties should a work receive exploitation.

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