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Membership benefits include:

  • Musical works can be publicly performed in a multitude of different places at the same time. It is not practicable for each individual composer and publisher to ensure that on each occasion his music is performed, the person responsible has obtained permission in advance and paid an appropriate royalty. ZIMURA does this for him.
  • We are affiliated to similar societies all over the world, membership places at the disposal of the author a world-wide service looking after the interest of nearly half a million individual copyright owners. Membership assures the author that when his work is performed in a foreign country he will receive royalties for that performance of his work.
  • Free education on copyright issues
  • Legal advice including contract signing
  • Passport and Visa processing should there be a need
  • Communication with international societies and members on copyright matters
  • Funeral assistance. Should a Member pass on, the immediate family members are entitled to notify ZIMURA of the death of its Member within the twelve calendar months from the day of his death for the Member to benefit from the Cell Funeral Services. A waiting period of six months shall apply to all new members from the date of admission.

Successors to Deceased members

Copyright in musical works lasts for the life time of the composer / author (in the case of co-written works, the lifetime of the last surviving contributor) and for 50 years after the death of the last contributor. When composers apply for membership, they are entitled to sign and submit a copy of a will stating the beneficiary of future royalties should a member pass on. Following the death of a member, ZIMURA should be notified as soon as possible and all future royalties will be paid in accordance with the WILL. In the event that a member dies without submitting a valid WILL, the family members are required to submit an Affidavit signed by four immediate family members and a Commissioner of Oaths stating the beneficiary of all royalties from ZIMURA.

At the end members should ensure that they have made a valid WILL specifically bequeathing their royalties and to also include that a directive is given to close family to notify ZIMURA immediately after their death.

Dispute resolution:

There are occasions where disputes arise and, ZIMURA plays an important role in assisting members with resolving these. The most common disputes relate to proprietorship of a song, split of shares, infringement of copyright and assessing beneficiaries/ and heirs to the Estates (music copyright) of deceased members.  It is important to remember that in assisting with dispute resolution, ZIMURA remains impartial while at the same time encouraging open but amicable negotiations.   Dispute discussions are facilitated by the officials in Membership, Documentation and Distribution Department and whenever necessary, ZIMURA’s senior executives may also take a role in the process.
The following steps form the broad outline of the process followed in resolving the disputes:

Suspension of payment of royalties accruing to the work(s) under dispute
Separate meetings with individuals involved in the dispute to gather “factual” information regarding the case. 
Joint meeting(s) with all the affected parties until a resolution is reached.
If a resolution is not reached, one is free to approach a Lawyer of own choice and file proceedings in an appropriate Court.

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